For many people, becoming single again after a long marriage or relationship is not the easiest thing to adjust to. 

You get so used to having someone around you, someone to do the weekly shop with and someone to talk to. So when things end, your world can sometimes get turned upsidedown. 

Some people find it harder than others to adjust to a big change. Many people close themselves off from the world and the thought of dating again in the future is something that never crosses their minds. 

But with the opportunities Across The Room can provide you, you get a chance to find your spark again. Many older singles can find the thought of a first date all over again, very daunting. 

But that is why Across The Room works so well. 

A variety of dating events and dinner parties are held across the year for single professionals to attend. The location and venue change from weekend to weekend, so there are plenty of events you can attend. 

The whole process of the event is very relaxed, and whether you realise it at the time or not, everybody is in the same boat. 

You will not be alone at this event, Across The Room staff will always be there to welcome you to any event. So if you do have questions, or are worried about anything they are there to help you.

If you are interested in re-joining the dating scene, then contact Across The Room today to discuss membership options. 

Call 01449 722800, or fill in our enquiry form via our website.