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With the “second wave” of covid beginning and the likelihood of further restrictions, how can you safely go about dating?

If you would like to remain local in your search, then perhaps we can help. Local dating is one of the things we try to offer and so if staying local is one of your criteria, do please give us a ring and see if we can find someone in your local area you can contact.

There are many ways of contacting people and conducting conversations apart from physical meeting, for example free video calls via zoom or by using Skype or face time, not to mention email, text messaging and of course the good old telephone which has stood the test of time.

Using one of these methods brings everyone into our “local area” electronically, and if you are looking for local dating this could be a perfect starting place.

Of course, many people are happy to travel further, so local dating is not quite so important, your local area encompasses a wider scope of places than just the local town or village.

Across the Room aims to be your local dating agency, so if you are seeking a dating agency in your area, why not give us a call.

Many long lasting relationships have developed over what, to some, may seem like impossible distances, so don’t be put off by the initial factors. Love has a habit of finding ways to overcome these things and bring people together despite what may at first appear to be insurmountable odds!

Local lock downs and local social distancing, we trust, will eventually be things of the past, so why not prepare the ground now and look forward to the future.

Call your local dating agency now on 01449 722800 and begin to expand your local area!