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Dating In Your Area – Across the Room

Dating In Your Area

Across The Room offers dating in your area. We have members from many counties in the East and South East of England and are gaining new members all the time.

Wherever you live in any of these areas, you can ber sure that there are members of the opposite sex, maybe even just around the corner, waiting to meet you.

Give us a call today and start meeting people! We are here in the office to answer any questions you might have and get you started on your fast track to love.

Dating in Bedfordshire

One2One Dating in Bedford has a high success rate and here at Across the Room, we are enjoying seeing our Members dating again.  Why not join the happy crowd and speak to our dedicated team today.  You are only one step away from meeting that one person you have been searching for – all you need to do is call.

Dating in London

Our Dating Agency in London is growing fast with more and more singles joining Across the Room every day so there has never been a better time to sign up if you are a London resident. If you want to join the club of Across the Room success stories then give us a call now for more information on our Dating Agency as well as our Sparkling Social Scene!

Dating in Essex

Our Dating Agency in Essex boasts countless happy couples who have met through our team of experts. You will be amazed at how many single people live in your area that you do not meet in your day to day life.
Come along to our Singles Events in your area and you are guaranteed to meet Singles in Essex! However, single members in Essex are more than welcome to come along to events further afield, why not make a weekend of it and stay over at one of our Suffolk or Norfolk hotels?

Dating in Buckinghamshire

Join our One2One Dating Agency in Bucks if you would seriously like to meet that special someone.  We interview all of our members Face2Face so we find out about you and you find out about us.  We have cultivated a careful step-by-step approach to understanding you and an in-depth, insight into finding a partner who is visually appealing and mentally stimulating.

Dating in Herts

Our Dating Agency is very strong in the Hertfordshire area and many singles have met their match through this Personal Introduction Service.  Hertfordshire is one of our main areas and Across the Room holds many fabulous Singles Events in Herts each month! Singles in Herts enjoy dining at 5 star hotels with many other like-minded single members!

Dating in Suffolk

Across the Room’s Head Office is in the heart of Suffolk. One to One Introduction members on the Dating Agency join us for their interview at Head Office, this allows us to get to know you and ensure that you are being introduced to suitable Singles in your area!  If you are Single in Suffolk you will benefit from attending some beautiful local venues. See our online Calendar of events to find your local venues!

Dating in Norfolk

Our Dating Agency in Norfolk has been so successful that we now have a busy office in Horning where members can be interviewed at their leisure.  Singles in Norfolk are welcome to attend our breath-taking Singles Events which vary from Party Nights to Boat Trips!

Dating in Cambridgeshire

Singles in Cambridgeshire can also join Across the Room’s One to One Dating Agency and benefit from meeting many singles in their area! This Dating Service is very popular with singles in Cambridgeshire and many couples have met through these Personal Introductions.  Singles events range from Singles Party Nights, or punting on the river to sparkling Black Tie Balls!

Dating in Oxfordshire

Another successful area for our dating agency, singles from Oxfordshire have become couples from Oxfordshire.  We have had many happy ever after stories from our Members in this area who are now enjoying love in their new relationship.  Are you tired of cooking for just for you or being the only single friend at the party?  Why not pick the phone up today and make that one important call – we are here to help you!  Call us know on 01449 722800 for a free and impartial chat.

Dating in Berkshire

Our One2One Dating in Berkshire has been extremely popular and highly successful over the past few years but we’re always looking to add more to the tally!  Berkshire is also home to several of our fabulous intimate dinners and Black Tie Balls that we have held around Windsor and Ascot.

Dating in Surrey

We have had many successes in Surrey and the surrounding areas, many members have found their match and are now dating, co-habiting, or are happily married!

Dating in Northamptonshire

Our One2One Dating in Northamptonshire has always been very popular.  We have many ladies and gentleman aged between 28 and 70’s who are seeking that special someone.  There is no need to spend evenings or weekends alone;  Across the Room is always there as a back up to provide you with excellent contacts, people who will meet your hopes and expectations for that special date and hopefully that life time partner.  So call today on 01449 722800 for a friendly chat and to find out more.

Dating in Kent

Kent is another excellent area for the Across the Room Dating Agency. We have had a lot of success which has lead to increased interest in the area and so there has never been a better time to join up if you live in Kent!

We have many fabulous hotels & restaurants which we use in the beautiful “Garden of England”. We have enjoyed events in such places as Hempstead House, Howfield Manor, The Spa Hotel Donnington Manor & The Inn on The Lake

What type of person joins our Dating Agency?

Dating agencies attract people like you!  All our members are single and looking for love.  If you really want to enhance your chance of meeting your someone special, then why not take that all important step and join our personal introductionts service today.  Our clients are discerning or professional people who are in the same position as you.  We are selective in our approach to registering new clients to ensure that we continue to provide a high level of service to our members.