Across the Room

Dating in London

A bespoke dating agency service
for people in London and
the surrounding counties.

Dating in London

Across the Room provides dating options tailored to your individual circumstances. There is no need to be on your own any longer that you want to – we are here to help. Just imagine the sort of person you would like to meet, let us know about you and your hopes and dreams and we can introduce you to people you might find to be just the person you have always been looking for.

London is a big place and there are many dating agencies in London. What makes Across the Room different is our hand picked introductions based on a full hour spent with you finding about you and your preferences with regard to the sort of person you would like to meet.

No need to keep wondering where you can meet that special someone – the beginning is just one telephone call away. We are here to help and we are able to give you all the information you need to make the process as easy and relaxed as possible and a truly pleasurable experience.

How It Works

It starts with a simple phone call. We can give you all the information you need and send you a free information pack which tells you all about our one to one dating service. We then arrange for you to come and meet us for a relaxed one hour chat to find about you and your background and the type of person you would like to meet.

We can then send you profiles of people we believe, based on the information you have given us, whom you might be interested in meeting. You then make contact with them and see how you get on. Often once you have spoken with someone, you find out that you either have more in common than you at first thought, or that you have different interests which you might find attractive and something you would like to find out about – something you can do together.

Where do your members come from?

Our members come from London, Essex, Hertfordshire and many other counties. You have the choice of which areas you would like to meet people from as well as the type of person you hope to meet. The more flexible people are able to be in their dating options, the greater the number of people you will be able to meet.

What do I do now?

Give us a call on 01449 722800 – it’s as simple as that.

Q. Tell me the difference between Across the Room and Online Dating?

Online Dating has suffered because of the Panorama exposure on TV and the stories we have watched and read in the Tabloids and on various programs.

At Across the Room Dating Agency in London is we treat all of our members as an individual. We invite you for a face to face meeting to find out about you and exactly the type of person you are seeking.

Across the Room members have all been interviewed and have paid a membership fee, they are serious about dating and finding a lasting, loving relationship.

Q. My friends have tried online dating sites with little success, What is different about Across the Room?

The Traditional Personal method enjoys a high success rate. The majority of single people do not want their photos made public on the World Wide Web.  Many single people who have tried online dating sites have found that it has not worked out, the people they met online were either married or just time wasters, many from overseas and posting erroneous photos.

Q. Tell me who I can expect to meet on The One 2 One Introduction Service?

You will be able to meet friendly, interesting, sincere single people with similar profiles to those that you have requested. All of them are either known personally to Eleanor or have been interviewed by her or a representative of Across the Room.

Q. How many areas in London do you cover?

Across the Room Dating Agency extends far beyond the London geographical borders, we will do our utmost to introduce you to single people in your area whom you will find attractive and interesting.