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Dating in Hertfordshire is easy,
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Dating Agencies Hertfordshire

Traditional Introductions & Dating Agency in Hertfordshire

Across the Room is a Traditional Dating Agency based in Hertfordshire and
Established in 1991.

Life is better shared, so why not take that first step into finding your true soulmate for the year ahead! Across the Room Dating in Hertfordshire is a highly respected, traditional Introduction Agency with over 30 years experience of matchmaking and bringing singles together.

If you are hoping to meet someone to share those everyday moments together, you have come to the right place! Across the Room is a personal service and not online.

Sounds great! So how can I find out more?

The first step is to contact us for a friendly chat and Free Consultation, we will send you a Free Information pack with prices and all the information you will need regarding the memberships.

We will discuss over the phone the type of person who meets your hopes and expectations, age, background, geographical location and Interests.

We will be arrange a face to face meeting at one of our 3 offices or carry out a zoom or face time interview. We will carry out a photo shoot and talk further about you and the person who you wish to meet.

We have our in house journalist who will compile your personal profile and send it to you for your perusal.

Call one of our Experienced Matchmakers today

Call Eleanor, Lydia, Kate or Juliet today and you will find a refreshing new way to meet unattached, single people and ultimately find someone who is just right for you. 0800 591274

Life is what you make it, and our Dating Agency in Hertfordshire is ready to help, so book your Free Consultation Today!

Q & A

Explain the difference between Across the Room and Online Dating?

Online Dating Sites have experienced a fast decline due to the Television program Panorama exposure and the latest horrific stories we have all read in the News papers.

We take time to get to know you, everyone is special and an individual. At Across the Room Dating Agency we offer a personal, caring service and invite you for a face to face meeting to find out about you and for you to find out about us. We will also find out exactly the type of person you are seeking.

Across the Room members have all enjoyed a face to face meeting and interview and paid a membership fee, which means they are serious about dating and finding someone special for a lasting future relationship.

My friends and I have tried Online Dating Sites with no success, why Across the Room?

We offer a different service and it is tried and tested, the Traditional Personal method works. The high majority of Single people do not want their photos posted all over the World Wide Web. There are many singles in Hertfordshire who have tried and spent a lot of time and money on online dating sites and it has not worked out, they have found the people online are either married or just time wasters.

Who can I expect to meet with a Traditional Introduction service?

You will meet single people with a similar profile to those that you have requested. All of whom are either known personally to Eleanor and the team or have been interviewed by her or a representative of Across the Room.

How many areas in Hertfordshire do you cover?

Across the Room Dating Agency in Hertfordshire extends far beyond the Hertfordshire geographical borders, we will do our utmost to introduce you to single people in your area who you will find attractive and interesting.

Is it expensive? some Traditional Agencies charge £1,000s…

No, we charge a reasonable fee for a great service. All you need to do is request an information pack, Across the Room has different memberships to suit all pockets. So, don’t worry, ask for a Free Info pack and a friendly chat to find out more.

Take that first step and call one of our Matchmakers today on Free call 0800 591274 or better still book a Free Consultation – there is absolutely no
obligation and this could be just what you are looking for.

We Are A Recommended Dating Agency

We are members of the ABIA, which is the Association of British Dating Agencies. We have successfully introduced countless happy couples and we can do the same for you!

Call Across The Room Hertfordshire dating agency service now on 01449 722800 and meet the perfect match to complete your life!