A business guru said one time, ‘to attract, you must be attractive’. He was delivering a lecture on life’s issues but the topic of the lecture was more business-focused. However, the principle of attracting extends to all sectors of life.

Indeed, be it singles or already partners, we all wish for a better version of ourselves. People have plastic surgeries to remove body scars, while others even want to be like actors, sports heros or cinema stars. The truth is, however, that is never going to be another version of you on the face of the earth. 

It stands to reason then to be yourself, and only yourself.

Yet, our modern life has supplied all the goody bags from which to grab anything we wish to become a better version of ourselves. And, to be more attractive to others, including that dream partner, lover or spouse, there is definitely some guidance for us all to follow. 

Humans tend to always expect from others their best version. It is only natural then for people to be attracted by the … best version of others.

Read twice below, and ponder whether you could introduce some changes into your life to become more charming, engaging, or even captivating, and attract the best that there is out there:

  • Invest in your physique: regular exercising boosts self-esteem, self-confidence and makes you attractive, purely because everyone is attracted to health.
  • Read: the most successful people in the world are voracious readers. Bill Gates reads at least one hour a day. Reading expands your horizons, which, in turn, makes you more confident to talk about things when socialising, or with your new date.
  • Take a course: anything subject you like. It strengthens your self-discipline and shows to others that you are serious with your advancement. Especially when you learn Portuguese in your 60s
  • Drink lots of water: you may be surprised to learn that water eliminates skin problems, dissolves toxins and makes you look younger. 
  • Learn a new language: even a few words a day is enough. It attracts more people when you state publicly that you are a language learner. Especially the people of this language.
  • Develop a solid personal philosophy: it not only protects you from potential negative scenarios but attracts others to you because of you portraying a serious, more philosophical image to the world. 
  • Develop expertise in one field: people are attracted to experts. If people call you an expert, you increase your chances to meet and attract new people.
  • Laugh more: it opens up people’s hearts instantly!

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