Party nights are back! So ladies grab your favourite dancing shoes, fellas dig out your sexiest shirt, and get ready to dance the night away! 

On the 23rd August we are holding our new Party Night at The Lounge in Ingatestone. This is a new venue located in perfect proximity to the train station, being just a five minute walk so there won’t be any worries about how to get home. 

Upon arrival to the event you will be met by members of our team who will make sure you are settled and comfortable. Most people who attend the event will be in the same boat, all feeling those butterflies of nerves and excitement. But once you start to mingle with other people you will soon feel at ease. 

Drinks flow as the DJ plays your favourite songs. Conversation was buzzing, so much so you have found yourself someone rather lovely to dance with. The atmosphere is so relaxed yet you have never felt such intensity. You are so drawn to the person that has caught your eye that you see no one else in the room. Three more martini’s and the night draws to a close. You walk with your newly found date outside and say your goodbyes. “Until next time”…

To see how the story ends for you, get onto our website to book your ticket now. Each ticket is £10 and the evening will start at 8.00pm sharp, so don’t be late! If you have any questions about this event, or any of our other upcoming events then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01449 772800