“I never thought I would marry again”

Gill Oram, 45, is married with two grown-up children. In her mid-thirties she found herself divorced, with two children in their teenage years, and thought there was no way she was ever dating again! 

She had been with her ex-husband since the age of 15, so even the thought of dating scared her. She barely had her own social life as they had done everything together. But after a year of focusing on her work and children, feeling terribly isolated, she decided it was time for a change. After curiosity got the better of her, she signed up to her first dating site. It was a disaster! She tried a few more dates with other men but they all disappointed her, she couldn’t seem to find that spark she was looking for.

One Last Chance

Gill was determined not to give up, so when she was told by a friend about Across The Room, which runs singles events like dinner dances and balls, so she decided to give it a go. She paid a one off joining fee of £85 and booked her first event, a dinner dance at Down Hall Hotel. 

When the day arrived, panic set in. Gill felt the butterflies in her stomach, but they were soon put at ease when she saw all the other men and women. A DJ was playing which made the atmosphere buzz and the men would move around from table to table in order to keep things interesting. 

After her first event, Gill felt so uplifted that she start regularly attending events. She began to feel like her old bubbly self again and realised romance wasn’t a top priority for her anymore. Her next event was a black-tie ball, where she met Terry. She fancied him straight away and after they exchanged conversation they soon realised how much they had in common with each other.  

But the room was so crowded and everyone kept swapping partners, so they got separated. Gill then spent the next few weeks kicking herself as she hadn’t asked for Terry’s number. So when she spotted him a few months later at another dinner dance she was over the moon.

Wedding Bells

Terry asked for her number and within a week they had their first date together, and their first kiss! After that, they spent all of their free time travelling to see each other. They were inseparable! Terry had always told Gill that he would never get married again, after his last one ending.

One evening they were sharing a bottle of wine, whilst on the sofa together, when Terry got down on one knee and proposed! This was just five months after they had started dating, Terry had said that he knew he was going to marry Gill from the moment he met her – she told him she felt the same way. 

They married at the local register office – Gill felt like the happiest woman alive, she now realised that the key to finding love again was to find confidence in yourself. That is what Across The Room provided her with – the confidence to find herself once more and get back to that bubbly person she used to be. 

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