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The Turntable Of Dating

For many people, becoming single again after a long marriage or relationship is not the easiest thing to adjust to.  You get so used to having someone around you, someone to do the weekly shop with and someone to talk to. So when things end, your world can sometimes...

Back To Dating – Top Tips

Dating isn’t always straight forward and can seem like a scary thing, especially if you are new to it. Everybody approaches it differently, but here are a few tips both men and women can try.  Be The Real You There is nothing more appealing than the real and raw...

The Start Of Something New

Dating, a nerve-wracking topic for some especially the older you get. You don’t always expect to find yourself back on the dating scene, so it can feel like the first time all over again. Here at Across The Room, we provide you with the most comfortable and relaxed...

Blossoming Romance

Here at Across The Room our aim is to provide singles with the opportunity to meet new people, in hopes of finding a new romance. Our next upcoming event will be held at The Bull in Long Melford, Sudbury. The Bull is a charming venue full of character and charisma,...